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Fancy Dad: Charcuterie Board 👨🏼‍🍳🎁

Posted by Fernanda Catalan on
Fancy Dad: Charcuterie Board 👨🏼‍🍳🎁

Some dads appreciate the finer things in life, and what could be fancier than a beautifully curated charcuterie board? 🧔🏻🍖 Whether your dad has a penchant for savory flavors or a sweet tooth that knows no bounds, this is the perfect opportunity to create a personalized masterpiece using his favorite ingredients 🎁

The best part? There are no rules! Every combination is valid, so let your creativity run wild 

To take it up a notch, consider selecting a board that truly reflects his passions. If he's a BBQ enthusiast, opt for a rustic meat board 🥩 or if he's a die-hard sports fan, go for a themed design 🏈

Charcuterie board ingredients:

  • Crackers
  • Plant-based cheese
  • Beet Balsamic Hummus
  • Carrot Chili Hummus
  • Olives
  • Grapes
  • Pistachio
  • Optional: Pomegranate, rosemary to garnish

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