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#1 Rated Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Try the Gold-Medal winning delicious & authentic EVOO from Chile

What Our Customers Say ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received the O-live oil bottle today. I opened it and stated it
immediately! Oh how the flavor danced on my taste buds, I missed that moment so much using other olive oils.  I am so delighted to have O-LIVE back in my kitchen, thank you all so much for this fine art product.

Have been a professional chef for decades. This olive oil has been the only one on my kitchen counter for years. Love it for salads, for sauteing, for sauces.

This product is a winner! It tastes very good, light not too strong. This oil is at 0.2 % acidity level which only the best extra virgin olive oils can deliver. As an Italian, I know pretty well how a good extra virgin olive oil should taste. I definitely recommend it.

I really like this olive oil. It is very clean, mild flavored and easy on the tongue. There is no bitterness. Yummy! I wanted to try a Chilean olive oil after reading that they have the strictest laws and regulations about purity. With so many countries having loose regulations you cannot even trust main stream brands for purity. This oil is delicious.

This is my favorite olive oil for dressing my foods or massaging my kale. Really good flavor, very clean. I'd recommend this product to anyone who takes pride in their food they make at home. This olive oil is a staple in my household.

We love the O-Live Organic Oil. Purchased the 33oz 3 weeks ago and are almost out. Well packaged. We love the flavor and use it on so many foods. Will be ordering more. Happy to have a high quality item available!

Loving this for cooking...haven't tried cold for vinaigrettes yet but no doubt it is going to be perfect. I'm picky about olive oil, and this is going to be my go-to.

This is the best olive oil. I read about your olive oil when I was reading an article about olive oils that could be trusted as pure oils. The article also revealed many brands that could not be trusted and I was shocked to find that brands I had trusted were part of that list. Thank you for producing a great product and keeping it free from corruption!

Made linguini last night tossed in this, it was great. O-Live is very rich in flavor, it makes it impossible to go backward and use other olive oils. I’ve been so used to other olive oils that tend to have a light or even watery consistency. This bottle has a thicker more true olive oil consistency. Overall this is very good for the price, I’m happy I tried this.

What can I say other than this is some of the BEST olive oil I have ever had. A MUST try... I will never buy olive oil from anywhere else. So HAPPY I found this one.

It’s All-Natural

To recap, our extra virgin olive oil is 100% authentic and procured from olives grown in Colchagua, Chile. Unlike many manufacturers, we never mix our unrefined oil with pure oil. Whatever comes out of our bottles came straight from the olives – nothing else.

It’s Delicious

Another great thing about our EVOO is that it tastes amazing, which is a rare thing, since oil obtained from the first pressing is usually bitter, and therefore, considered an acquired taste. With our product, you can turn a regular meal into a 5-star experience at home.

It’s Sustainable

Last but not least, we at O-live are huge advocates for the environment. This is reflected in our responsible business practices. We strive for minimizing waste, use renewable energy for irrigation, and are committed to restoring the trees lost to Californian wildfires.


  • What is O-Live?

    O-Live is a manufacturer and retailer of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. All of our core manufacturing processes take place over at Colchagua, Chile, which offers the ideal climate to grow olives.

    Staying true to our commitment towards providing authentic Mediterranean experience over the years, our unadulterated olive oil has become a household product for many people in the US and beyond.

  • What is extra virgin olive oil?

    Extra virgin is the “grade” given to the purest form of olive oil that meets certain standards set by the International Olive Council (IOC) and the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) – both of which require less than 0.8% of oleic acid levels.

    It is a staple of the classic Mediterranean diet and is best-used for dressing and mid-temperature cooking. 

    Extra virgin is different from virgin (second pressing) or pure olive oil (also referred to as “regular olive oil”).

  • How are your products different from others?

    One thing that separates our quality oil from other brands is the main ingredient – the olives. Thanks to the ideal conditions in which they’re grown, we get top-quality olives.

    Furthermore, we have complete control over our production process. As soon as the olives are harvested, they’re sent to the mill, which is located right in the middle of the grove. Here, they are cold pressed, resulting in top-quality organic extra virgin olive oil we all love.

  • What products do you currently sell?

    We offer an exciting range of extra virgin olive oil – all packaged in glass bottles with the exception of one – with each offering a different flavor. These include:

    • Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Mild & Fruity

    • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Green & Balanced

    • Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Bold & Rich

    • Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Refill Bag in Box (perfect for household use)

    • Chef size bottles

  • Where can I find O-Live products?

    From New York to all the way down to California, you can find O-Live products at major retail chains and local grocery stores. You can check out our interactive map of the states to locate a store near you.

    You can also shop for our products online. Save big by opting for our subscription service through which you can get your favorite oil delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals.

  • What are the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil?

    The reason why there’s such a high demand for extra virgin olive oil worldwide isn’t because of its unique flavor, but because of all of the health benefits it has to offer.

    Rich in polyphenols, omega-3 fatty acids, and other compounds, EVOO can:

    • Complete an anti-inflammatory diet

    • Keep heart disease at bay

    • Protect against diabetes

    • Help boost metabolism

    • Protect against dermatological issues

    • Prevent the formation of gallstones

    • Help improve digestion

    And much more.

  • Can your extra virgin olive oil be used for cooking?

    Yes, our products are suitable for both sautéing and cooking. In fact, every type of EVOO can be used for these purposes.

    There is a common misconception that extra virgin olive oil can’t be used for cooking at all, because of its low smoke point (around 190° – 215°). 

    Sure, the smoke point is significantly lower than other oils, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict your bottle of extra virgin just for dressing. Just mind the temperature and you’ll be fine.

  • What does “cold pressed” mean?

    When talking about extra virgin and virgin oils, you’ll hear the term “cold pressed” a lot.

    Keep in mind that it’s different from “first pressing.”

    “Cold pressed” simply means that the olives don’t exceed a certain temperature (roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit), which maintains the quality and taste.

    “First pressing” means that the olives were crushed or “pressed” only once to obtain the oil you’re about to use.

    “First cold pressed” is the old way of getting extra virgin. Today, the more efficient and greener way is to use an extraction process.

  • How should I store my bottle of olive oil?

    Unlike wine, which gets better with age, extra virgin olive oil has a limited shelf life.

    It is sensitive to temperature and light (which is why they always come in tinted bottles or non-transparent packaging), so you need to be extra careful. 

    Store it in a dark place (like a cabinet) and at room temperature.