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Why a happy salad = happy planet

After the tragedies that were the 2017 and 2018 Californian wildfires, we felt the people of California deserved some tender loving care.  
Partnering with the One Tree Planted charity, we’re planting a tree whenever you buy a bottle of O-Live via our online store and we’re currently on course to hit the 8,000 mark.

So whether it’s the greens in the wild or the ones in your salad bowl, we’re here to look after them.

And when we say forests, we mean our entire planet

Yes, without trees we’re nothing. But the same goes for bees, fresh air, clean water, fertile soil… You know the rest.
Unfortunately, few enterprises concern themselves too much with mother nature. And as we’re all aware, the rate humanity produces and consumes is far from sustainable.
What on earth is the point of making great olive oil if it comes at the expense of everything on earth?
No. If this is the deal, not a drop of oil shall be made in our name.

This is precisely why every drop of water obtained in the extraction process is reused for our irrigation system. This is why every pound of waste product such as olive pulp, pit and skin is reused as fertiliser and biomass. And that’s why we’re the first olive oil company in history to be 100% carbon neutral.  
Few other brands can ensure this because few other brands own and control every step of the production process.

So when you buy a bottle of O-Live, you’re giving life to both your food, forests and the entire planet.
We see no difference between saving the planet and making your food taste great. Because everything we do is geared towards one goal; creating a healthier and happier world. 

What better reason is there for making quality olive oil than to contribute to the life and vitality of those who consume it?
What bigger cause can anyone work towards than preserving the environment and wellbeing of our shared home?
And what more could anyone ask for than a good meal and nice place to eat it in?
Little else matters more.

Buy a bottle, plant a tree