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5 Uses for Olive Oil on Dry Winter Skin

Posted by Fernanda Catalan on
5 Uses for Olive Oil on Dry Winter Skin

1. On your chapped lips

Dry cracked lips may be the worst part of winter. There is nothing like the relief of chapstick, however most chapstick will moisturize but do nothing to heal your lips. A little extra virgin olive oil checks all the boxes! Try storing it in an old lip gloss container.

2. Moisturize cuticles

We all know someone who cannot stop picking their cuticles. Gift them a cute glass jar filled with cotton rounds and olive oil, and give their hands some relief this winter.

3. Diaper rash

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants. While being gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, it is the perfect cure to your babies sore tushy.

4. Banish seasonal dandruff

This one may take a little getting used to, especially those of us who tend to have an oily scalp already. Simply put a few tablespoons of olive oil on your hair and concentrate it to the scalps. Then make sure you thoroughly shampoo.

5. Dry cracked feet?

Have a pair of comfy clean socks ready for this one. Thoroughly rub your feet with extra virgin olive oil and slip into your coziest socks right before bed. Then next morning all of your cracks and dryness will be cured!

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