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How it's made - Old



Slow grow, quick press.Very quick indeed.

Our process began the moment our first trees were planted. The light, soil conditions, breeze, and rainfall on our plantation offer an ideal climate for olives to ripen slowly on the tree, maximizing the intensity and concentration of flavors. Our mill receives the olives at their ideal maturity level and transforms them into fresh extra virgin olive oil.

O-Live is stringently controlled in every step of the way through a continuous process of reception, grinding, extraction, and storage, in order to achieve a premium quality product.

From grove to bottle

O-Live doesn’t just claim to be one of the freshest extra virgin olive oils on the market – we have taken steps to ensure it. Steps like mechanically harvesting our olives from super-high-density groves that produce 10 times more fruit than a traditional olive grove. That way, we can minimize the handling and oxidation of our olives and ensure an acidity level below 0.2%, well ahead of the industry’s standard of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oils. Plus, we put our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art mill right, in order to get fresh-picked olives from the groves to our press and then to your bottle. Cold-pressed, single-estate extra virgin olive oil. All in just a few hours or less from start to finish.

Our olive mill was designed and constructed to the highest technological and architectural standards and is equally impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. It even won an architectural award (Miami Biennial in 2009), a nice compliment to our many awards we’ve received for our olive oils.

Situated in the heart of our 2600 acre plantation in the Colchagua Valley, 86 miles south of Santiago between the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean, our onsite mill location ensures that there is no downtime between harvest and pressing.