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O-Live Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Mild & Fruity

  • A mild-fruity extra virgin olive oil, ideal for everyday cooking, and is a healthy, delicious replacement for butter and vegetable oil.
  • Olives are pressed and sealed within a few hours of harvest, obtaining only 0.2% of maximum acidity. This makes O-Live some of the freshest and healthiest olive oil in the world.
  • Produced in Chile's Colchagua Valley, with a climate very similar to the Mediterranean and internationally renowned because of the excellence of its vineyards.
  • Gold Medal Winner - Los Angeles International EVOO Competition.
  • Do you love trees? So do we! Let’s work together to fight deforestation, one bottle at a time. Every time you buy a bottle of O-Live EVOO, our partner One Tree Planted will plant a tree. Now that's good stuff!

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