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Is olive oil good for your skin?

Posted by Fernanda Catalan on
Is olive oil good for your skin?

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Skin?



The wonder oil that many have come to know and refer to as liquid gold is abundant in several nutrients and uses. Did you know that Olive oil has several nutritional benefits when consumed, and aside from consumption, it can also be frequently applied on skin and hair as moisturizers and on surfaces as a lubricant or polish? Yeah, the oil, known popularly for its wonderful culinary features such baking and so on. But there is more to this gem from the olive vine and here are wonderful features of olive oil as can be applied to the body.  






Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial to the skin in the following ways. 






Skin moisturizer – as a skin moisturizer, all you need to do is apply a small amount or a thin layer of olive oil all over your skin right after a shower or a wax. This oil acts as an intense moisturizer that helps to soothe extra-dry skin. You can also exfoliate dry heels with a pumice stone and olive oil in the form of a massage. Some people prefer to use this oil instead of any cream.






The oil can also be used as a facial cleanser. To get this done, you will be needing a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, a clean face cloth and a bowl of hot water. What you have to do is, simply use your fingertips to massage the oil on your facial area in circular motions. Try to rub firmly over your nose, cheeks, and forehead, but not too firm. Next, you dip the face cloth in hot water. Press and hold the face cloth firmly against your face until it comes down to room temperature. Please ensure the water is not at the boiling point; hot, not boiling. (We won’t appreciate anyone that says we advised to get their skin bleached!) You then remove the cloth and rinse it using the hot water again. This time, instead of pressing the cloth, try to rub it gently all over your face while trying to remove the top layer of olive oil. Afterward, you can pat your face dry using a paper towel.



Thinking of how often you should do this? Well, simply repeating this every morning and night will enable you to see tangible results within a week or two. This works well if you are persistent. If you have dry skin, all the uneven and dry patches will be healed, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated. For oily skin, the excess oil production in your skin will be brought under control, and your pores will be clean and unclogged. Do you have dry skin and you think of the best olive oil for dry skin? you can just search for those keywords in an olive oil store near me.



Stretch marks – a lot of women have tried out several remedies for stretch mark removal. Some remedies work, while others don’t. Consistent use of olive oil on an affected area can remove the stretch marks over time. If you have not tried using olive oil to soothe your stretch marks, you should probably try it. To do this, apply a generous amount of oil to the marked area every morning and night, and patiently watch it fade away. Now, that is good skincare in its most affordable form. 






Makeup removal – olive oil can be used as a perfect replacement for your regular eye makeup remover. To do this, simply dip a cotton pad into olive oil, wipe it beneath your eyes and on your eyelids to remove eyeliners and mascaras. Afterward, rinse with warm water and a washcloth. 






As a Shaving cream – you can use some olive oil as a shaving cream substitute by simply lathering your legs with some olive oil, and proceed to shave. The olive oil acts as an excellent lubricant and prevents razor bumps and burns while you shave and serves as an excellent skin moisturizer too. 






Haircare – give your hair some tender loving care with olive oil. You can revivify your hair with an olive oil hair mask. The mask helps to nourish the condition and detangle your hair. The olive oil hair mask also helps to bring out the shine in your hair when you rub in a few drops of olive oil to the ends of your dry hair, leaving you with a glossy and shiny head of hair. Don’t say you haven’t heard people search for olive oil for hair use. 






Heart-friendly cooking option – the original extra virgin olive oil is an excellent choice for cooking because it is heart-friendly. In most developed nations, stroke is known to be the second most common cause of death, after heart disease. Olive oil is about the only source of monounsaturated fat associated with a reduced risk of stroke and heart diseases and people who consume olive oil are said to be at a much lower risk of getting stroke than those who do not. Although this benefit is a function of the oil working inside-out, we couldn’t keep it away.



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