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Busting Olive Oil Myths

Posted by Fernanda Catalan on
Busting Olive Oil Myths

Guess what, most things you know about olive oil are probably totally false. So today we are going to debunk the most popular myths around olive oil. 

Olive oil, like wine, gets better with age
False - Olive oil decays very quickly and should not be kept in your cupboard for longer than 3-4 months after opening. Most people actually believe the taste of "old" olive oil is how olive oil is supposed to taste. That is wrong. Fresh olive oil tastes more like sweet tomato and does not actually taste like olives. 

The fridge test: REAL extra virgin olive oil should solidify in the fridge 
False - Putting your olive oil in the fridge to see if it solidifies and using that as a quality measurement is an unreliable way of testing your olive oil. Some "fake" olive oils still solidify in the fridge while some "real" other ones don't. The different type of fats in olive oil may explain this: Some fats need lower temperatures than others to get solid. 

You can't cook with olive oil
False - People advise to not use olive oil for frying or sautéing as the smoke point is fairly low (the temperature when the oil burns, starts smoking and becomes a health risk). However, low acidity extra virgin olive oil, like O-Live, has a higher smoke point than others. While we don't advise to deep-fry with extra virgin olive oil, we highly recommend it for any other type of cooking. 

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