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Name: Refill Bag in Box 100% Organic - 30% OFF

Price: $52.49



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Refill Bag in Box 100% Organic - 30% OFF

Refill Bag in Box 100% Organic - 30% OFF


  • Ideal for use at home to refill your small bottles or cruet. The refill pack also keep the olive oil under best conditions protecting it from light and oxygen.
  • Great value for money alternative. It represents an average of 50% savings compare to the 16.9oz sizes.
  • Certified Organic by Ecocert
  • 0.2% acidity with high polyphenol count: From 380-420mg/Kg, compared to the average bottle of EVOO, which only has 100-250mg/Kg.
  • HOW TO USE IT: Perfect for baking, dipping, dressings, and finishing. Works with all dishes from Mediterranean Shrimp Salad & Creamy Polenta to Pizza.
  • This is something good for you and the planet! This refill pack has a low carbon footprint compare to glass bottles.
  • Do you love our planet? So do we! Let’s work together to fight deforestation, one bottle at a time. For every bottle of O-Live EVOO sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to One Tree Planted to support reforestation efforts in California. Now that's good stuff!
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Make sure to read our over 100+ 5-Star reviews below!